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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

R.I.P. H.R. Giger

Photo: Chris Stein from Heavy Metal, December 1981.

So sad to hear of the death of H.R. Giger today, and by way of serendipity with my previous two Blondie posts, here's a video from 1981 with a variant soundtrack showing Debbie Harry all Gigered-up! The Record sleeves for Debbie Harry's KooKoo album and related single sleeves were photos by Brian Aris artworked over by H.R. Giger. The subsequent poster campaign featuring Debbie's skewered face was actually banned from being displayed on London's Underground network at the time, as it was deemed too disturbing. I've posted this before, but it deserves another look in the light of current events. R.I.P. H.R. Giger.

Blondie 4(0)-Ever!

Yesterday I bought the deluxe box set of Blondie's Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux & Ghosts Of Download including a live DVD, featuring a concert recorded in 1977 at CBGB's. Unfortunately I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance to give it a spin, which also accounts for my lack of posts lately. Anyway, you can hear the entire album here.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Friday, 27 September 2013

Relic #1

Having finally decided to get my studio shipshape after a summer of relentless schedules, I found a little tin box full of treasures from a bygone era. This for me was one of the most exciting of them all; my Blondie badge, circa 1977!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Debbie Harry: Outlaw

Photo: Larry Williams. Design and art direction: Roy Gyongy and Larry Williams - WET magazine 1979.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Eat To The Beat

Pre-Blondie, a bizarre modelling job for Debbie Harry back in 1971.
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